Aims and Ethos


RBAI is committed to realistic and robust self-evaluation, as an integral tool, in a School improvement strategy, which leads to raised standards of teaching for learning, for each pupil. This is alongside outstanding pastoral support to enable each student to develop academically, emotionally, personally and socially through active and challenging learning experiences. The agreed priorities of the School Development Plan and Department Development Plans reinforce and restate what makes us successful and what will continue to provide excellent opportunities for our pupils. Resources will continue to be effectively deployed to support learning, including use of online learning. Excellent practice is retained with a focus on student achievement and a collective sense of ownership. The priority will include consistency across the School and evidence based planning, which will respond to internal and external requirements and which will maintain focused and monitored outcomes.


The Board of Governors has traditionally regarded the education of the boys at RBAI as a cooperative process involving themselves, the Principal, SLT, the Council of Studies (Senior Management Team), the Staff, the parents, and the boys. The doors of the School are open to boys of good ability without regard to race, creed or background; it is a School of the whole community and not of a section only. Within this context the aims of the School are:

  1. To develop each pupil to his maximum academic potential and to stimulate him to enjoy the attainment of knowledge and excellence.
    • The School will offer a broad and balanced range of subjects within which boys may choose appropriate courses.
    • The School will provide comprehensive pastoral care.
    • All boys will be encouraged to develop a wide range of learning skills, to acquire habits of self study and inquiry.

  2. To provide each pupil with the knowledge and skills necessary for everyday life and for working life.

    • The broad curriculum will cover areas of experience from the expressive and creative to the scientific and technological.
    • Appropriate use will be made of educational technology.
    • There will be a comprehensive careers education, information, advice and guidance programme.
    • Extra-curricular programmes will complement the academic courses.

  3. To provide and promote the conditions in which each pupil can develop as an individual and to his potential.

    • The School will encourage tolerance, service, discipline, reliability and responsibility.
    • The School will help pupils to recognise their strengths and weaknesses.

  4. To prepare pupils to become responsible and active members of society.

    • The School will foster awareness of the structure of today's societies.
    • Pupils will develop an awareness of man's heritage in a wide range of areas.
    • The School will encourage initiative and co-operation as well as developing suitable attitudes towards healthy competition.

  5. To stress the importance of good health, mental well-being and physical fitness.